Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes

The Town of Pulaski bills real estate taxes twice a year; the first half is due on June 5th and the second half is due on December 5th. If not paid in full on each respective due date, a late penalty charge of 10% will be applied to your account. The Town does recognize the post mark on mailed payments (Ex: if your payment arrives on June 7th but is postmarked for June 5th, no penalty charge will be applied). Any changes in your assessed values must be addressed with Pulaski County through the Commissioner of the Revenue's office. The Town of Pulaski does not pro-rate taxes within the current tax year.

Any payments received must be applied towards any past or delinquent amounts before the current amount can be paid.

Town real estate taxes assessed at $0.36 per $100 of assessed value.



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