Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Town Planning Commission serves as an advisory panel for Town Council on issues concerning land use, development, and long range planning for the Town of Pulaski.

Purpose and Role of the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission provides recommendations to Town Council on the Town of Pulaski's Comprehensive Plan and the Town Zoning Ordinance. The Commission also reviews Rezoning and Special Exception Applications, as well as Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance amendments, and makes recommendations for action to Town Council.

The Planning Commission's other duties, member roles and appointment procedures, and all other policies are outlined in Article II of the Town Code.


The Planning Commission meets at 6pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. Meetings are held in Council Chambers at the Town Municipal Building at 42 1st Street, Northwest.

Please consult the Town Calendar to find information on upcoming meetings. Agendas and agenda packets are published to the Town Calendar when made available. Cancellations of Commission meetings will also be noted on the Town Calendar.

Planning Commission 2023 Application Schedule


The Town Planning Commission is comprised of residents of the Town of Pulaski who are appointed by Town Council. Each member is appointed for a term of 4 years, with the ability to be reappointed by Town Council for additional terms.

Current members of the Planning Commission are:

Member Term Expiration
David Hall September 2025
Frank Neice November 2026
Anthony Schrantz January 2024
Van Taylor November 2026
Terry Hale, Sr. November 2022
Rachel Arthur 2026
Kevin Meyer February 2026

Staff support for the Planning Commission is provided by the Town Planner/Economic Development Director, the Community Development Assistant and the Town Attorney.