Why Small Business is Everyone's Business

What really makes a small business? If you google the definition, you might be surprised to find that a small business can be defined by several different measurements, depending on the industry it's in. Some can have up to 250 employees, others up to 1,500. The range is even more noticeable in dollar amounts; up to $750,000 for some and $38.5 million in others (Georgia McIntyre, fundera.com). But for us at least (and I'm sure for a lot of people reading this), small business is more than just a legal definition. They often make up the social backbone of a community, and impact our personal and work lives in ways we may not think about.

Don't get us wrong; chain businesses are a vital part of economic stability for thousands of communities around the world. Without chains setting up shop, many towns, cities and localities probably wouldn't see the growth that they bring. Here in Pulaski, a new chain store may transform the way we live, opening up access to goods and services that may otherwise not be feasible. Small business can have this same effect however, just in a different way.

Take The Coffee Grinder for example. Its owner, Amanda Hash, set up shop on Main Street in 2015. They serve a lot more than coffee though, including tea, hot food and baked goods. Aside from the delicious brews and food, one of the main draws to The Coffee Grinder is their cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy a puzzle while you sit back and sip your drink, or just grab a table or spot on the couch and have a chat with a friend. But why would you spend your money there as opposed to grabbing a cup of coffee at McDonald's for instance? Well for starters, The Coffee Grinder's beans are locally roasted, and the syrups for drinks are all made from scratch (thecoffeegrinder.net), so you know you're getting a quality product versus something you might question coming from a factory perhaps thousands of miles away. But perhaps the biggest pro is where your money is going. You know for certain when shopping at small business that you're directly supporting a member of your community, no matter how large or small your purchase. For the business owner, this is their lifeline; they put their heart and soul into bringing you the highest quality product and experience, sometimes at a loss to their bottom line. And this is true for every small business, not just The Coffee Grinder. You might bump them up to what they needed to purchase groceries this week, or help them hit their goal to begin stocking a new item in-store. Put simply, it just feels good!

You can find that feeling in virtually every small business in Pulaski; warm greetings, smiling faces and fair prices aren't meant to sell you on shopping there, that's just the atmosphere exuded by the owners and frequenting patrons. Lately, small business has been thriving in Pulaski. Next Level, a virtual reality center on Main Street recently opened their doors to customers, providing a new option for those looking to experience a unique way to participate in gaming and passive experiences. The Town of Pulaski's door is always open to those who want to start on their dream of owning a small business, and we're prepared to help in any way we can. We think of our community as our family, and we want to go the extra mile for you any chance we get. We invite you to consider shopping small, and if you are already to keep it up and tell your friends to join you! Main Street would be a quiet place if not for the businesses that populate the buildings, and we want to see it become the bustling hub of community activity we know it can be.

If you'd like to find out more on how to get involved with a small business here in Town or you've thought about starting your own business, feel free to reach out to us at our Town Offices at 540-994-8600, or give Pulaski on Main a call at 540-440-8773. We'll make time to show you how to get involved!

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