Seniors Cool Off with Ice Cream Social

What's the quickest way to cool off in the summer heat? Probably a dip in an ice bath. But if you're not willing to go to that extreme for relief, and ice cream social will work almost as well.

The Pulaski Senior Center held their ice cream social event today, providing their senior members with a full spread of the tasty treat, along with all the toppings and sides that go along with it. There were tubs of frozen ice cream in all of the most popular flavors (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), with several different syrups, sliced bananas, sprinkles, crumbled walnuts and cherries to turn the dish into a picture perfect summer treat. Along with the ice cream, potato chips helped to balance out all of the sweet with a little bit of salty.

The Senior Center has been busier than ever in the past few months, seeing a big increase in visitation from seniors, both those who were already established members and new folks who have decided to see what all the fuss has been about. The increase in members has prompted the Senior Center to bring on more staff, bringing the total of employees to three; Amy Hopkins, Senior Center Director, Leslie Parmelee, Senior Center Assistant, and Savannah Wojcik, also a Senior Center Assistant. The seniors have welcomed the new staff with open arms; they're clearly a perfect fit. As the center continues to grow, the opportunity for more activities grows as well.

We're looking forward to everything planned for the seniors in the coming weeks; stay tuned for more info on what exactly the Senior Center has planned so you can join them on their outings!

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