Implementing Two-way Traffic Downtown

Effective Monday, February 13, 2023, the traffic lights that have been flashing at the intersection of West Main and Washington and West Main and Jefferson will be bagged. Four way stop signs have been at these locations for several weeks and motorists should stop at these intersections even while Main Street is closed.

Effective Monday, February 27, 2023, the left lane on 3rd street will be closed off so traffic traveling west will only be able to travel in the right lane. One lane access will continue to the intersection of 3rd and Washington. At the intersection of 3rd and Washington, the left turn lane will not be accessible and motorists wishing to turn left will do so from the right/ straight through the lane. Traffic lights/ signals will be placed on flashing mode at the 3rd street/ Washington Avenue intersection. Four way stop signs will also be placed at this intersection.

Given the current number of parking spaces on the south lane, the one-way pattern will stop at the intersection to allow use of the parking spaces on the side of the street by court house visitors until that lane is dedicated to traffic traveling from the west and two-way traffic is put in place on 3rd Street.

Two Way Traffic Map

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