Garbage Collection Information

Trash needs to be set out by 6:00 am the morning of pickup day: Cans shall not be placed out any earlier that 4:30 pm the day before (November – March) and no earlier than 7:00 pm (April – October)

All trash cans must be placed back at the residence by 7:00 pm the evening of pickup day

All trash must be in bags and placed within the trash can.Trash cannot exceed the opening of the trash can

The trash can opening must be facing into the street with the handles and wheels facing your home.

For multiple cans, please allow 3 – 4 ft. between cans to allow the truck room to lift and empty the cans: Please remember to allow room away from your property (vehicles, mailboxes, etc) to avoid any damage when emptying the cans

If in need of additional cans or interested in backdoor pickup, please contact the Finance Department 540-994-8640

Bulk pickup will be the third week of every month and will be on the same day as scheduled service pickup.There is a limit of 3 items and they may be placed beside the trashcan. Tires, Batteries or Refrigerators cannot be placed for bulk pickup. These items must be taken to the Convenience Center.

If you want to have your old trash can removed, please put a note on the can that you want removed. If it is not marked to take, they will leave it. Please do not place regular trash in the extra cans and leave them out for pick up; they will not be emptied.

The bulk pick up schedule for the next three months is as follows:

  • Week of March 20th on your regular pick-up day

  • Week of April 17th on your regular pick-up day

  • Week of May 15th on your regular pick-up day

The Convenience Center is open for all other drop site items.See back of water bill for the hours available.This is for Town residents only - please provide proof of residency with a current/valid driver’s license or a current Town of Pulaski water bill.

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