Exciting Things are Happening at The Marketplace

Farmer's markets hold a special place in the hearts of people all across the United States. In the Town of Pulaski, things are no different. While we simply call it The Marketplace, it still has all of the trappings of any farmer's market found anywhere else; fresh veggies, handmade crafts and locally sourced goods like honey and fresh meat. But one thing separates The Marketplace from others: the people.

Our vendors are some of the best in the U.S., always working with customers to provide the most enjoyable local shopping experience possible. Along with the vendors, the staff at The Marketplace are always outstanding. Going out of their way to provide people with what they need is the norm here, and staff is always onsite early and late. With The Marketplace in the hands of these folks, the Town of Pulaski can be assured that The Marketplace is in good hands.

Aside from the usual offerings of local produce, handmade items and other goods, The Marketplace usually features an assortment of food trucks and a guest band as well. Yesterday Dave Clark, the Mayor of the Town of Pulaski, lit up the stage with his band ‘Don't Quit Your Day Job'. They played a set full of classic soft rock songs, which went perfectly with the atmosphere of the hot spring night. Each week features a different band, and styles of music are usually kept diverse to keep things interesting and make sure everyone can enjoy some tunes, no matter their taste.

As mentioned, the food trucks are different every week as well. Last week The Marketplace hosted the Creek Bottom Brewing Company out of Galax, who are famous for their delicious brick oven pizzas. Yesterday they hosted the Taco Trolley, who have some really awesome Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking for customers. Regardless of which food truck is at The Marketplace, you can count on delicious food every week.

A big part of all the excitement over this year's schedule has come from the addition of our new Marketplace Manager, Zach Blevins. Zach is fully committed to taking the existing framework for The Marketplace and making it as unique and lively as possible. He had this to say on his new position: "I love being a part of the community that vendors have created. There's a great atmosphere at The Marketplace and I think everyone who comes can feel it and be a part of the experience that The Marketplace creates."

With the varied music schedule, top quality products from vendors and an amazing setup and staff crew, The Marketplace is one of if not the ideal destination for those in the New River Valley that are looking for something fun to do on a Tuesday evening. Even if you don't buy anything, you can still hang out and enjoy the live music! The Marketplace is held every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. until October 8th. We'll be looking for you next Tuesday!

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