Architectural Review Board

Architectural Review Board

The Pulaski Architectural Review Board is responsible to ensuring that development within the Town's Downtown Commercial Historic District is compatible with the District's historic integrity and character. The ARB also serves as the primary group to identify and protect the Town's rich cultural and historic resources through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Architectural Review Board reviews and approves Certificates of Appropriateness for projects to be undertaken within the Downtown Commercial Historic District.

In addition to this important role the ARB also:

  1. provides guidance to Town Council, the Planning Commission, and other Town departments, agencies and property owners in matters involving historically significant sites and buildings, or other properties in historic districts such as, but not limited to, appropriate land usage, parking facilities, and signs.
  2. prepares and maintains an inventory map of important historic resources and recommends its adoption.
  3. evaluates conditions and advises owners of historic landmarks or contributing structures or other properties in historic districts on problems of preservation
  4. conducts studies deemed necessary by the Town Council or Planning Commission concerning location of historic districts, and means of preservation, utilization, improvement and maintenance of historic assets in the Town
  5. proposes additional historic districts or additions or deletions to districts.
  6. adopts standards for review to supplement the standards set forth in the Town Zoning Ordinance
  7. formulates recommendations to the Town Council concerning the establishment of an appropriate system of markers for selected historic sites and buildings, including proposals for the installation and care of such historic markers.


The Architectural Review Board meets on an as-needed basis to review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness. All meetings of the ARB are held in Council Chambers at the Town Municipal Building. Please consult the Town Calendar to inquire about future meetings. Agendas and Agenda Packets are uploaded to the Town Calendar when made available.


Members of the Architectural Review Board are appointed by Town Council and serve 4 year terms. Members of the ARB exhibit demonstrated knowledge and experience in the fields of architecture, history, art, construction, and planning.

Current members of the Architectural Review Board are:

Member Term Expiration
Janet Hanks, Chair March 2026
Kevin Meyer, Planning Commission Representative 2026
Cathy Stripling March 2026
John White March 2026
Braxton Cox September 2025

Staff support for the Architectural Review Board is provided by the Town Planner/Economic Development Director.